Orville Wearing Peach Flower Crown

Meet Orville who is wearing a flower crown made in peach lining and created by Sarah who attended Flower Crown Red back in July 2021.

Looking through my posts I have seen that I managed to blog in August, todays blog is brought to you written on a laptop and I am managing to touch type.

For the past month I have been swimming twice each week and have manged to swim a good few laps, 16 in total for the past 3 times, this is encouraging all round as I am getting stronger and increasing the steps I am walking. I have seen from swimming that I am gaining more strength in my wrist, I am still writing with my left hand and when I write with my right hand, (I am right handed) it is scrawly and unrecognisable.

I was booming and busting, as my physio had said when I had my first session for my ankle physio, the accident that happened in July saw me spraining my left ankle and breaking my right wrist and I was pushing myself too hard increasing my step count to soon, to the point that the days I was walking 8,000 to 10,000 steps, the next day saw me laid out on the couch recovering and limping when walking.