• The Star Fascinator

    The Star Fascinator was created as the client had a wedding to attend and fitted in with the dress that was made for the occasion. Below is the link to Samines shop of other fascinators that can be purchased. https://folksy.com/items/7532090-The-Peacock

  • Pinning to Pinterest

    The website has been up for a week, but this is the first time I have had a real play in composing blog posts. I am studying how to work out saving images from the website to Pinterest, (I know I have a save button, but also uploading images to the web) and also navigating WordPress.

  • Finding my way through blogging with WordPress

    This post was published onto my Facebook page in April, as at that time my website was not up and running. It has been such a long time without my website that I have truly missed blogging and putting thoughts down on paper, but in this case the web. I write in a journal for my personal life, but having this blog is my online journal for Samines. I am having a quiet sad day and still do not want to face this day, but I am in my own way. A friend sent a kid’s video to shake out the silliness, which was quite nice to bop around to…