Mindful Stitching

Design and Stitch go hand in hand

A couple of Mondays ago I went to Kew Gardens for my birthday, it was the first time on my own as I normally meet up with various peeps during the day, although I did have birthday celebrations in the pub later on.

I was a bit emotional during the morning and so I never registered that it was going to be a heavily rainy day, to the point I had to draw and later stitch in the orangey, it was very noisy with lots of families taking shelter. As I was so engrossed in copying from a colouring book in developing designs I never saw the sea of faces asking me for chairs, I did have to say no to one woman who wanted the other table as I was busily working and needed the space, thankfully she moved on.

I was in the process of stitching this piece, but have had to lay it down while other tasks have emerged. I had started stitching this piece after finishing some design development on my birthday in the Orangery, (do you remember the rainy day?).

As the day drew late into the early afternoon, I realised I had to be at my next place where I was gonna meet up with friends. I arranged for people to start coming at 6pm, but I got there at 4.15pm and realised I had loads of time, so I sat with a fruit cider and carried on stitching while waiting. 

Although the day didn’t start as well as it could have, the evening did finish well and with a positive ending, as I was surrounded by friends who came to celebrate with me.