Design Development

Last Monday I went to Kew Gardens for my birthday, it was the first time on my own as I normally meet up with various peeps during the day, although I did have birthday celebrations in the pub later on.

I was a bit emotional during the morning and so I never registered that it was going to be a heavily rainy day, to the point I had to draw in the orangey, it was very noisy with lots of families taking shelter. As I was so engrossed in copying from a colouring book in developing designs I never saw the sea of faces asking me for chairs, I did have to say no to one woman who wanted the other table as I was busily working and needed the space, thankfully she moved on.

I wanted to show you the picture that I had taken inspiration from, but the book has said I need permission to put that up, I have tried opening amazon and the app opens instead, so that not happening, I have found a website with some flower images that you can draw from also.