Samina means “most beautiful” and Samines is a nickname given to me from a friend. 

Through my own personal journey of walking out and towards freedom through healing and wholeness, I have encountered many women (including myself) who have not believed in their own beauty and worth as a woman. 


Women are special, unique, funny, talented and beautiful and so much more than this, women hold beauty within and without. I have the opportunity and privilege to walk beside you on your journey by creating these flowers and when I create I have you in mind.

I speak love, joy and acceptance over the products and phrases such as “you are beautiful”, “you radiate beauty”, “you will step into your identity”. When you adorn these flowers I believe and have seen that you will step into your role as a beautiful woman who can hold her own in the crowd, or at meeting or any event. I have seen many of my clients skin tone and eye colouring change when they try one of my flowers on.

To the lady who buys these pieces you will feel beautiful, special and you will delight in who you are. Love Samina