• Ivory Flower

    I have been approached to be part of a auction on Facebook, so while recovering from my broken wrist I was thinking it is best to use one of the existing flowers that I normally sell at Greenwich market.  The ivory flower has wire work as a central theme, I was working on developing ideas with wire to incorporate into the fascinators, this small flower is the only one of its kind in the smaller flower range. You can wear this ivory flower as a lapel pin to secure your scarf or onto your jacket as a broach or as a hair flower on the side. 

  • Leaf Miner Feather

    Leaf Miner and Leaf Miner Feather are both listen on Folksy, but why call this fascinator Leaf Miner Feather, for one simple reason, I have attached feathers between the green and gold petals. The feathers bring the fascinator into another dimension with more life and movement flowing through it. During lockdown I was craving to see my sister, as I hadn’t seen her for six months, sometimes I can go longer and not see her for eight months. I was in a relationship and unfortunately we broke up a few weeks before while we were in lockdown and it would have been nice to have spent some of my birthday…