• Ivory Flower

    I have been approached to be part of a auction on Facebook, so while recovering from my broken wrist I was thinking it is best to use one of the existing flowers that I normally sell at Greenwich market.  The ivory flower has wire work as a central theme, I was working on developing ideas with wire to incorporate into the fascinators, this small flower is the only one of its kind in the smaller flower range. You can wear this ivory flower as a lapel pin to secure your scarf or onto your jacket as a broach or as a hair flower on the side. 

  • If I could show you, would you like to make your own Flower Crown Red?

    I was in my happy place making these flower petals, 5 flowers they were made into for my next live online workshop in teaching how to make your own flower crown red. I am quite excited in showing this technique as it is quick and easy and a new flower garland will be made in a few hours, so if someone is going to a festival, they can make it either on the day itself or if they were super organised the day or few days before.

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  • Blackheath Ladies Instagram Post

    I was booked to deliver a workshop for the Blackheath Embroiderer’s to celebrate the transition of becoming an independent group. The Embroiderers Guild let go all the branches and streamlined into a central unit, unfortunately the bank account that was linked into the Guild from the branch was absorbed and the group was left penniless, I know the old branch which was Blackheath Embroiderers Guild should receive a grant from the Guild, our treasurer worked really hard to manage the finances in the pot and a bit was saved up for future workshops, and so we have become an independent group and embraced online group sessions. A lot of e-learning…

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  • The Star Fascinator

    The Star Fascinator was created as the client had a wedding to attend and fitted in with the dress that was made for the occasion. Below is the link to Samines shop of other fascinators that can be purchased. https://folksy.com/items/7532090-The-Peacock

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  • Festive Girl Pink

    I know you maybe thinking, why should I even contemplate thinking about purchasing Festive Girl Pink especially in this weather, but I would say to you dear friend, why not? Things will pick up, at the moment with the current situation of going into autumn, the world is locking down, jobs are being lost, sometimes we need a little bit of colour to come into our lives to give us hope that the world and everything is going to change. x

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  • Festive Girl Pink

    How to wear Festive Girl Pink? I created this flower crown while sitting at my stall in Greenwich Market, I knew flowers had come to the forefront in fashion with all types of flowers growns seemed to be emerging. As I was researching through Pinterest and other stalls, Etsy and Amazon I came across the plastic flowers, (which I had purchased), just working with the plastic didn’t feel right, the texture of the plastic through my hands and trying to incorporate that into a flower crown wasn’t working for me. I decided to stick with what I know and that is making fabric flowers and adding embellishment through buttons and…

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  • Leaf Miner

    So you have decided you want to wear The Leaf Miner, but where and with what colours? So you have finally plucked up the courage to get a ticket to the gala, charity event or decided that you want to go to the theatre, (these are all suggestions to give you ideas of where to go) and of course my dear reader you will have many ideas and options of where you want to wear this fascinator, …….. you may even be wearing it at home while doing the cleaning. Sometimes when I am even bold enough I would be wearing it shopping, to give me the added encouragement and…

  • The Charleston

    I created The Charleston, because I had bought some feathers to create other fascinators with and wanted to make something a little bit quirky and smaller. As a designer maker specialising in embroidery and all things textile base, I have seemed to have collected many fun items to work with over the years and I found ribbon knit, (I cannot remember the technical name, or even if there is one) that is purple, but it has been dyed with multi colours, so some of the ribbon knit is green then fades into pink and then into purple. I then realised that I needed some form of buttons to top the…

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  • Leaf Miner Feather

    Leaf Miner and Leaf Miner Feather are both listen on Folksy, but why call this fascinator Leaf Miner Feather, for one simple reason, I have attached feathers between the green and gold petals. The feathers bring the fascinator into another dimension with more life and movement flowing through it. During lockdown I was craving to see my sister, as I hadn’t seen her for six months, sometimes I can go longer and not see her for eight months. I was in a relationship and unfortunately we broke up a few weeks before while we were in lockdown and it would have been nice to have spent some of my birthday…

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