Blackheath Ladies Instagram Post

I was booked to deliver a workshop for the Blackheath Embroiderer’s to celebrate the transition of becoming an independent group. The Embroiderers Guild let go all the branches and streamlined into a central unit, unfortunately the bank account that was linked into the Guild from the branch was absorbed and the group was left penniless, I know the old branch which was Blackheath Embroiderers Guild should receive a grant from the Guild, our treasurer worked really hard to manage the finances in the pot and a bit was saved up for future workshops, and so we have become an independent group and embraced online group sessions. A lot of e-learning has taken place to support the group during lockdown, some members who were initially scared of the situation have grown more confident with the process of working online and some of them are waiting with excitement to get back to meeting in person.
It has been a major learning curve for me also, I was given the opportunity to teach online and when I got over the nervousness of performing in front of a camera, (because it is nerve racking), I started to relax into this new way of teaching and I learnt something very important and that was I so miss teaching and passing on my skills to others.

In my next blog post I will share the image of the ladies wearing their fascinators, they were all great and turned out uniquely theirs. X

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