• August Bank Holiday

    Continual strength and stamina in my body and improvement of my wrist as well as my ankle and feet. This morning I went swimming and walked from home which took about 25 minutes. I am quite thrilled with myself as I managed to push up onto the ledge with my body weight onto my hands and get myself out of the pool, this is the first time I have managed to do this since swimming in this pool, as there is no ladder going in and I have to crouch down to get onto my bottom and then swing my legs into the pool, it is quite a sight.  Around…

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  • Flower making workshop

    I had the opportunity to attend Lora Avedian’s workshop with Blackheath Embroiderers in June, she showed us her techniques of how she makes her flowers. It was a great exposure to a different technique that does require a smocking machine and if you didn’t have a machine, (they can cost about £200) then you can hand smock and would take a lot longer. I remember trying a smocking machine when studying for my City & Guilds Embroidery, I didn’t take to it.

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