• August Bank Holiday

    Continual strength and stamina in my body and improvement of my wrist as well as my ankle and feet. This morning I went swimming and walked from home which took about 25 minutes. I am quite thrilled with myself as I managed to push up onto the ledge with my body weight onto my hands and get myself out of the pool, this is the first time I have managed to do this since swimming in this pool, as there is no ladder going in and I have to crouch down to get onto my bottom and then swing my legs into the pool, it is quite a sight.  Around…

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  • Ivory Flower

    I have been approached to be part of a auction on Facebook, so while recovering from my broken wrist I was thinking it is best to use one of the existing flowers that I normally sell at Greenwich market.  The ivory flower has wire work as a central theme, I was working on developing ideas with wire to incorporate into the fascinators, this small flower is the only one of its kind in the smaller flower range. You can wear this ivory flower as a lapel pin to secure your scarf or onto your jacket as a broach or as a hair flower on the side. 

  • High Drama Casts On and Off

    Sunday 8th August saw me back in the hospital, this time not at A&E, but Sacu, I waited to see Dr Burnham, he is a kind and gentle doctor who listened to me about the story of the accident and the stages of being given different casts. I went back to see him as the side of the new cast had become sharp once it was dried, (he gave me a back slab)and it was causing irritation and I was having slight pins and needles, thankfully it wasn’t what it was like as I was given this cast… It pinched my thumb, hand and wrist and I had pins and…

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