August Bank Holiday

Continual strength and stamina in my body and improvement of my wrist as well as my ankle and feet.

This morning I went swimming and walked from home which took about 25 minutes. I am quite thrilled with myself as I managed to push up onto the ledge with my body weight onto my hands and get myself out of the pool, this is the first time I have managed to do this since swimming in this pool, as there is no ladder going in and I have to crouch down to get onto my bottom and then swing my legs into the pool, it is quite a sight. 

Around three weeks ago I managed for the first time to lift myself out of the bath and push my weight onto my hands to get myself out of the bath front facing. I am still in recovery with continual daily physio exercise and I have alarms set on my phone for times to do my exercises, sometimes I can be a bit slack especially when I feel I have had enough and when will this healing be completed so I do not need to do any more physio, then I remember I need to keep my mind set strong and realise I have to keep going. There is a saying “that Rome wasn’t built in a day”, which is very true, people turned up for work and progressed throughout the day with their tasks they needed to complete and the same goes for my wrist and ankle recovery.

The picture is of a flower that dropped from a bunch if flowers onto the table and put into a glass of water. I recognised the colourful lilies as I bought a bunch for my sister’s birthday at the beginning of August.

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