• Memories of my day on set

    These are images of my day, I had to get my outfit signed off on Friday before the Monday, lunch was provided, image of a lipliner and Lauren’s and my feet and my embroidery that I took. I am learning a new technique called silk shading that I may want to use in customising the jeans jackets with embroidery designs.

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  • Valentines Heart Pin

    This is a piece of bondaweb that will be posted today for the packs to the workshop for Valentines Heart Pin, what I wanted to share with you was my printer wasn’t playing ball today. My frustration levels started to increase as the pattern for the hearts were not printing out and I switched the printer and computer off a few times to see if it would print. I tried to print from the copy that was on the scanner bed, but when switching the printer and computer back on, I thought lets see if I could print from Word and it did, then I thought let me see if…

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