Valentines Heart Pin

This is a piece of bondaweb that will be posted today for the packs to the workshop for Valentines Heart Pin, what I wanted to share with you was my printer wasn’t playing ball today. My frustration levels started to increase as the pattern for the hearts were not printing out and I switched the printer and computer off a few times to see if it would print. I tried to print from the copy that was on the scanner bed, but when switching the printer and computer back on, I thought lets see if I could print from Word and it did, then I thought let me see if it will print from the saved scan of the heart patterns and it did and I was so happy.

When I have worked in the office in administration and things went wrong there was always someone on hand to pop over to help me figure things out, but now those days are gone and I am at home trying to figure the technical bits out on my own.

What did I do so I didn’t get too down, was to shut down the work station, have some lunch, (a break) and come back to it, I think I will have to give myself a lot more breaks, especially with the recovery of my wrist, yesterday I did a marathon of two and half hours on the computer, although great and lots of tasks were completed, afterwards I had sharp pains and I had to do a recovery of finger and wrist exercises and then wrapping the heat pad around it. I have soreness starting in my hand now and so it is time to log off!