High Drama Casts On and Off

Sunday 8th August saw me back in the hospital, this time not at A&E, but Sacu, I waited to see Dr Burnham, he is a kind and gentle doctor who listened to me about the story of the accident and the stages of being given different casts. I went back to see him as the side of the new cast had become sharp once it was dried, (he gave me a back slab)and it was causing irritation and I was having slight pins and needles, thankfully it wasn’t what it was like as I was given this cast…

It pinched my thumb, hand and wrist and I had pins and needles from the tips of my right foot, tips of fingers of red hand and upper arm travelling up to my shoulder across the back of shoulders slightly down my back and travelling down the left shoulder and arm.  I knew it wasn’t normal, but the thing was I had only been home from A&E for less than an hour, the cast I was given was on the Friday was a fibre cast and I choose blue, quite a calming colour to look at when looking at my wrist, I am digressing, I had gone to bed and the pins and needles were much fierce this time and knew I had to go back.

Dr Burnham said if there were any issues with the back slab, (which is the same as 1st image), to come back and see him, I was so confident that there wouldn’t be that I said I wouldn’t be back, in a way I now see it was the right thing to have gone back to see him, as while I was waiting my blood pressure was taken and this time it was normal, Saturday the pressure was ridiculously high. Dr Burnham showed up with another colleague who was a consultant called Dr Varma and he scared the willies into me, because the cast was taken off and he demanded that I make a fist with my right hand, I was in pain and the fingers were stiffened. Dr Varma said something very key, that if I cannot get my hand moving I wouldn’t be able to do embroidery and that is what scared me, not to be able to go back to my work of creating, designing and making.