Leaf Miner Feather

Leaf Miner and Leaf Miner Feather are both listen on Folksy, but why call this fascinator Leaf Miner Feather, for one simple reason, I have attached feathers between the green and gold petals. The feathers bring the fascinator into another dimension with more life and movement flowing through it.

During lockdown I was craving to see my sister, as I hadn’t seen her for six months, sometimes I can go longer and not see her for eight months. I was in a relationship and unfortunately we broke up a few weeks before while we were in lockdown and it would have been nice to have spent some of my birthday with him, but then I wouldn’t of had the same opportunity to be shown around Madeleine’s garden. I was looking intently at the leafs and absorbing the colour combinations against an intense heat radiating from out sun, that day was a hot sunny day temperatures in the early 30’s, (which I am not always great in), and then I was captivated by a certain leaf, which my sister plucked from the branch of the bush. The leaf had a strange pattern on it, a squirly line around the leaf, the line that was evident to the naked eye was cream or gold in the sunlight and depending on how far I positioned the leaf away from the camera. This picture inserted is the last picture I took, you can see the leaf is quite dark green against the gold/cream line that has been left from the leaf miner. To gardener’s they are a pest, but to the trained eye of a designer it is beauty with possible creative ideas to be shown to the world in a new medium.