Accident in Scotland

Wed 14th July I was walking with my friend Carl along a pavement path in Carron Scotland in the Highlands. I stepped onto a piece of round circular bark and the next thing I knew I was on the floor.

Carl wanted to lift me up and I was screaming at him don’t touch me. At first thought I had broken my left ankle and right wrist, but after getting to see the paramedics they confirmed I had sprained my left ankle and broken my right wrist. I was given gas and air to help with the pain while on the thirty five minute journey to Elgin hospital, it was between 8 and 10 level of pain. After around 5 in and out exhales I pulled the devise out of my mouth, it was affecting my head and voice, after a while I asked if they had any water and I was given a small container of water to take the edge of the thirst. We arrived at A&E and waited in the ambulance to be admitted, from the conversation I had with the female paramedic, I learnt Elgin has only two ambulances to cover the surrounding areas, calls were coming in and she said the night crew will be busy as they had four emergency cases that will need to be driven to Aberdeen. I was wheeled into A&E and then taken into a room to wait for a doctor, he examined my right wrist and I am ouching in pain and I said what about my ankle, (it was the end of his shift and he was tired and I felt he could have been gentler with me.

The consultant came in who examined the wrist, he said the wrist was broken, but smashed and I would need an operation to have a metal plate and pins put in. Dr. Papolopapos gave me options, the two were, 1 – I could make my flight and been seen in a few weeks for an operation in London, (as they were so busy) or 2 – he could give me an operation tomorrow, (now the next day)so I opted for the 2nd to stay in Scotland to be operated on. Andrea from Dalmunach House collected me with Carl to drive me back to Carron, she was our Airbnb host and was fantastic on all levels. I am now left handed and cannot link correctly, please click on link.

The day of the operation arrived quickly and I was awake at 6am to make sure luggage was packed and breakfast was eaten, our orginal flight was at 8.55pm and we needed to have left at 11am, a taxi was booked for 8.30am, Carl had to make sure everything was out by then as he wouldn’t be back in time before check out and now with the accident we had to come back to stay in another part of the house. I am so thankful Carl came with me in the cab, I couldn’t have done the journey without him or negotiating the hospital either. I was booked into the day hospital and taken to a room, i needed assistance to go to the loo and as I was in there the nurse undressed me so I could wear the hospital gown. It was very humbling being in a position to having to rely on others for help, I had worn a dress and blouse the day before and I opted to sleep in them and go to the hospital with the same clothes on. My right arm was not going through the sleeve and I agreed to have the sleeve cut open, thankfully on the dress I had 3/4 length sleeves with elastic in the hem and that was taken off in tact. The nurses came in to take all personal details and my earrings had to be taken out ready for the operation.

I texted people I knew to pray for me and especially a fashion Christian group that I belong to, my lively hood is in the balance and I wanted them to lift me up in prayer, because alot of peeps in the group are also makers and would understand the full aspect of what had happened, plus I needed the comfort from my community. Twenty minutes before the operation I spent personal time in prayer and I became so relaxed and peaceful that I knew I was ready. They wheeled me into the operating theatre and then I realised I wanted to go to the loo, the anesthetist was so kind and organised for me to go. I went back onto the table and somehow had to shuffle along. A needle was put into a vein on the left hand and I closed my eyes, they asked me what my job was and I said a style consultant before my position was made redundant through Covid, then I explained what I did while the woman was putting the pads on me to monitor my heart. The mask was put on for me to breath into and I said ‘I am still awake’….. The next thing I knew I was woken up in recovery and then again back in the room. Every thirty minutes they came to get me awake and then something to eat and drink, I had gluten free bread with butter it was the best meal I ever had and a few days after that’s all I wanted to eat. The operation was a success, all I now need to do is rest and heal.

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