This was Saturday night’s bubble, watching Downton Abbey, we are in series two and watched episode 6, I seem to be getting confused where we are as it has taken us a long time to watch series 1 and 2, we started watching in January and have recently started meeting fortnightly instead of weekly. I am so thankful for my bubble in meeting up, they have been a life saver for me and has been a highlight to the end of my week going into somebody’s else’s home or they coming to me.

This is my living room and over the season of Lockdown the room has turned into my studio, which means I had to do a major revamp of the rooms layout with shifting furniture and getting rid of pieces I no longer needed and that I had grown out of. I think sometimes we and I can hold onto things that bring us comfort, but we have stretched out of and need to be giving it away, so we can be growing into the new space and new space is here within me through teaching online workshops. Thankfully I was wise to keep old files of my teaching notes and how to create a course outline, scheme of work for a ten week course and lesson plans, I have been using these templates to build my own for delivering the workshops. I recently taught with Blackheath Embroiderer’s how to make a fascinator, on the lesson plan I put in demonstrate and student watches and then has ago, but I realised, (a light bulb moment!) that this would not be the case, as my attendees will be working alongside me in creating their fascinator; because it is online, all they need to do now is have the computer in front of them and have a clear sight of what I am doing while stitching along.

My new workshop I have been working on and ready to be delivered is how to recycle your denim jeans into a Boro sewing roll, I am quite excited by this piece that I have created. A friend gave me his old jeans that were going to the charity shop, that are good quality and has no holes within the trouser legs, I have cut one pair up and used one side of the leg and folded to make insert pockets to put your sewing equipment in, like scissors and pins or if you were into stationary one could put their smaller pencils and eraser’s in.

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