Do I need to make a new video?

The answer to the question was yes!

Above is a screen shot of a post that I asked in the creative hive, one of the groups that I am in on Facebook, I made a video of the sewing Boro roll that was not made up and I asked for feedback and the feedback given was show how to use the Boro sewing roll to create excitement and also mention that it is a live workshop.

I created a new video yesterday and realised that although I knew what I wanted to say, I needed to write it down and make a script so I was clear and precise in speaking while in camera. I also used my phone to make the video and used the phone holder to position the video correctly, this stood me in good stead. If you are thinking of making a video for social media, just showing your product, write out what you are going to say, so you do not fumble over your words and do a few practise session runs with the script and working through the actions of how you will demonstrate how to use your product on camera.