• Lizzie

    I really enjoyed working with Lizzie, she said “the workshop was great for mindfulness and bringing her into a state of calmness”. I gave Lizzie a private workshop experience before the actual workshop of Samines Red as she was stuck in doors with Covid, she choose to rest and heal herself before being fit enough to come back into the world again. During the workshop Lizzie decided to sew all her petals together to make one large corsage flower and I think it has worked out well. It was great to see her on zoom, I love zoom as it has opened up the world for people to connect who…

  • Ivory Flower

    I have been approached to be part of a auction on Facebook, so while recovering from my broken wrist I was thinking it is best to use one of the existing flowers that I normally sell at Greenwich market.  The ivory flower has wire work as a central theme, I was working on developing ideas with wire to incorporate into the fascinators, this small flower is the only one of its kind in the smaller flower range. You can wear this ivory flower as a lapel pin to secure your scarf or onto your jacket as a broach or as a hair flower on the side. 

  • Bubble

    This was Saturday night’s bubble, watching Downton Abbey, we are in series two and watched episode 6, I seem to be getting confused where we are as it has taken us a long time to watch series 1 and 2, we started watching in January and have recently started meeting fortnightly instead of weekly. I am so thankful for my bubble in meeting up, they have been a life saver for me and has been a highlight to the end of my week going into somebody’s else’s home or they coming to me. This is my living room and over the season of Lockdown the room has turned into my…

  • Blackheath Ladies Fascinator

    Saturday 24th May saw me leading the above workshop, when I was composing my lesson plan, I had on there teacher demonstrates and students watch demonstration, and then work on making the fascinator, then I realised the participants will be making the fascinator along with me. Now that I am teaching online a whole new concept of guiding participants through the stages of making a project is quite different from in person teaching. As I was demonstrating, these lovely ladies followed the stages of making their own Blackheath Ladies Fascinator. I was asked by Rebecca Cole-Coker who is the current chair of Blackheath Embroiderer’s, we used to be Blackheath Embroiderer’s…

  • The Star Fascinator

    The Star Fascinator was created as the client had a wedding to attend and fitted in with the dress that was made for the occasion. Below is the link to Samines shop of other fascinators that can be purchased. https://folksy.com/items/7532090-The-Peacock