I really enjoyed working with Lizzie, she said “the workshop was great for mindfulness and bringing her into a state of calmness”.

I gave Lizzie a private workshop experience before the actual workshop of Samines Red as she was stuck in doors with Covid, she choose to rest and heal herself before being fit enough to come back into the world again. During the workshop Lizzie decided to sew all her petals together to make one large corsage flower and I think it has worked out well.

It was great to see her on zoom, I love zoom as it has opened up the world for people to connect who are from different countries. The experience of the online workshops are quite different to that of an actual in person workshop and I love the online experience as I get to meet new people from across the world, who would not have the opportunity to attend a live workshop, especially during this time as we are navigating out of the pandemic into a new world where we have to live with Covid and the waves that has and will produce in the future.

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