Cable Stitch

I have been given cable stitch as a fun activity to learn and sample for Blackheath Embroiderer’s group. 

The strange thing is that cable stitch in Mary Thomas book of embroidery stitches is also known as cable chain stitch, other publications show cable stitch as cable chain stitch and cable stitch in other publications show it as a side to side stitch. Looking through crochet and knitting images of cable stitch,(yes they are different) show a similar stitch to embroidery, (they all have curves within the cable stitches), so I did find it a little odd when coming across this discrepancy and why I think it is odd.  Mary Thomas book was published in 1934 and has listed cable stitch as a heading over the stitch and then in the paragraph has said it is also known as cable chain stitch, other publications have changed things around and named the stitch accordingly. I suppose as I have had Mary Thomas book on my shelves for a long time as I purposefully bought her book when I started on my city & guilds embroidery a few decades ago, that I would naturally be loyal to her.