Technical Issues

Tuesday 9th March I was trying to figure out why the video was freezing with the webcam, that’s my concentrated look and I can say I was becoming a little nervous as I was running out of time to deliver my online embroidery lesson teaching vulnerable adults in care homes across Southwark. I wanted to add further screenshots from the videos into my presentation of Applique. During this online learning gig, I along with many others have been propelled out of our comfort zones to tackle a whole range of issues that need solving and on this occasion you will be happy to read that I did, as I phoned Robin who thankfully was on hand to help me, I had to give up on making new videos focusing on stitch with Applique and go into the zoom meeting to find out that although the video did not work, the webcam for zoom did, which enabled me to complete my demonstration of hand embroidery stitches that they needed to make their own version of a historical pocket that they have been making with Illuminated Arts Peckham and Samines, to aid them out of social isolation and access the online world so they can take part in society once again.

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