Development of Crewel work sample

Lynn and I have been working on our samples for our embroidery diploma we are completing online at Centre of Excellence. This piece comes under module 3 and I thought it was a great idea to record our progress with our stitches especially for crewel work. The development of my piece is over on the right side and you can see I have worked my crewel piece with spilt, satin and seed stitches, along with lazy daisy stitches and creating the above design. Lynn has used the same stitches and in addition she has worked the french knot and long and short stitch into her piece.

The reason why this type of embroidery has been called crewel has been due to the fact it is worked in tapestry wool, appletons is one of the brand names that sell tapestry wool skeins and you can buy an assortment of colours.
I like this type of embroidery as it is quick finishing and covers a good portion of fabric in a short space of time, especially when I am designing embellishment for the jeans jacket that are customised that I sell at Greenwich market on Samines stall.

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