Embroidery diploma

Currently I am working on module 4 of my embroidery diploma, the picture above covers a variety of stitches that Lynn my study partner and I are working on. You can see couching, chain and satin stitches are shown on a sampler, additional stitches shown will be coral knot, blanket, back and chevron stitch, we both decided the colonial knots were not our thing and French knots will be shown instead.

My piece is bigger at 13 by 11 inches and Lynn’s piece is smaller at 8 by 8 inches, which are roughly the same measurements for all her samples, once completed she will frame them of her achievement of learning new stitches. I was not thinking the same as I thought to myself it would be good to have them in a folder for teaching others from or part of a portfolio.

Lynn’s sample is on the left and mine is on the right, the work shown is in progress, when I have downloaded her image of her completed sample along with my finished piece, I will show you.