Embroidery Diploma

Assis Embroidery

Over this past week, my study partner, (Lynn) and I have been working on a sample of Assis embroidery, we are studying for our embroidery diploma with Centre of Excellence. Module three is not a practical module, but we decided to work samples of the various topics of embroidery covered in this module, so we can learn from the process of creating a piece of embroidery.

When choosing the butterfly design we decided it would be best to follow the picture on the topic of Assis embroidery that was shown on part 1, module 3, the information was unclear on how to work the stitches, but we figured it out. When I read the section, it did mention that when the work first came into being they used long cross stitches and in recent years the cross stitches have become smaller, why this is I do not know. I decided to use a large cross stitch so I could cover the piece quickly, I practised using a range of stitch sizes in the squares that are on the butterfly design; which cross stitch size I would prefer to use. I decided not to work the smaller stitches in the negative space as the stitches would be more compact, instead I opted to work on larger cross stitches and as a result there are spaces shown between the stitches which I quite like.

With Assis embroidery the stitches cover the negative space of the design. I was to have used Holbein stitch for the outline, not realising that backstitch was not the correct stitch to use, with the Holbein stitch, running stitches are used to cover the outline of the design and then go back over with the same running stitch to fill in the gaps, this way a smoother line is used, instead of the backstitch where the same line is not as smooth.

I wanted to evaluate my embroidery sample work, as at fashion college I was to keep a paper journal to jot down my thought processes, I know in releasing this electronic journal my evaluations will be open for people to be inspired by the stages of work completed and this way my thoughts are now in the ethea of social media.

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