Timing is out!

This is my sewing machine that has just come back from Deptford Sewing Machines, the case I had to purchase on top of buying the sewing machine over twenty years ago at Chapman Sewing Machine company (my mum bought me the sewing machine), travelling from Southeast to North London is not a funny matter especially in these unusual times of Covid. A few weeks ago I made the trip to Deptford Sewing Company and walked up the high street just with the sewing machine in the case, golly it was hard going and as I have become unfit in Lockdown I had to stop every few yards to rest my arms. I went to the shop to find it was closed and I phoned the number to be told the shop was only opened for two days per week at the moment, that is not what was showing on the website, at that time it was showing that it was opened and closed on Thursdays and Sunday, and I realised that going forward I need to phone ahead to make sure the shop is open. The shop is no longer there and I got there in time to get my sewing machine fixed and collected on the last day of the shop closing for good, if you look on the website you will see they have moved to Gillingham. If you live in the South East ask them which shops do they collect and drop off from as an additional service they do, as there are a few sewing shops dotted about.

I kicked the timing out on the sewing machine, I did my research and googled to be informed this is what had happened, (after watching a video on the bobbin case sitting within a Bernia sewing machine) on YouTube. On one of the videos the mechanic showed how he stripped down a sewing machine and worked on the timing and I thought okay it has to be repaired. The sewing needle was hitting on top of the bobbin and therefore not into the bobbin to connect with the thread to pull up through to the top and from phoning another mechanic in Southend, he confirmed what I had done and that it might as well go in for a service. I phoned the chap in Southend as I was looking for the chap who serviced my sewing machine the last time and he used to work at McCullough and Wallace, then where I was living all I had to do was get one bus from A to B, the chap has now retired and moved out of London, in hindsight I don’t think I would have gone to Southend, but when you have had good service from somebody one always wants to go back to the original person.

When I took the sewing machine to Deptford I had the bright idea of hooking it up to the IKEA trolley, which they still sell and which was ideal for travelling on the bus and wheeling it down Deptford high street, plus this little trolley was my first go to trolley of taking my kit down to Greenwich Market for the Samines stall on Fridays.