Leaf Miner

So you have decided you want to wear The Leaf Miner, but where and with what colours?

So you have finally plucked up the courage to get a ticket to the gala, charity event or decided that you want to go to the theatre, (these are all suggestions to give you ideas of where to go) and of course my dear reader you will have many ideas and options of where you want to wear this fascinator, …….. you may even be wearing it at home while doing the cleaning.

Sometimes when I am even bold enough I would be wearing it shopping, to give me the added encouragement and reminder that I am a beautiful woman and I need to remind myself to be beautiful in my choice of clothes.

I would suggest either wearing a green, gold, black or navy blue dress either whole block or alternatively you could wear a blouse with a skirt, some skirt suggestions could be a pencil or circular shape in either of the colours mentioned to work out the right combination for the fascinator. If you are wearing an open neck satin shirt you may want the extra boldness of wearing a silk, satin or chiffon scarf to complement the outfit, and then there are the shoes to wear and the tights.


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