Finding my way through blogging with WordPress

This post was published onto my Facebook page in April, as at that time my website was not up and running. It has been such a long time without my website that I have truly missed blogging and putting thoughts down on paper, but in this case the web. I write in a journal for my personal life, but having this blog is my online journal for Samines.

I am having a quiet sad day and still do not want to face this day, but I am in my own way. A friend sent a kid’s video to shake out the silliness, which was quite nice to bop around to and it helped me to restart the slow journey of getting rid of paperwork. I don’t know how I have acquired so much of it, (actually I do and I along with many others I / we are good at lying to ourselves), in this season it seems and feels very much a blessing that I have been given this special time of space to get rid of my paperwork and other bits I no longer need.
This page has not been thrown out as it is two pages of a sketchbook that I created in 2009 for textile/embroidery pieces to be submitted into the Blackheath Embroiderers Guild guild exhibition. I keep my sketchbooks for remembering of art pieces that I have completed, additional development pages and sparking off new ideas in paper, pencil, drawing or stitch form for fresh and inspiring work that is yet to be created. In order for new work to be created, I need to make space in my mind and living space so I can start the new journey of creating pictures or a design on blank paper to allow new ideas to flow and be birthed.

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