• Work in Progress

    This is my work in progress for candle wicking, which is worked in colonial knots, they are a different type of knot that is worked within the figure of 8, when I first started working with them I really didn’t like them, I think it was due to the fact that I didn’t understand what I needed to do and it was painfully slow in working through the mechanics of where to position the thread around the needle.

  • If I could show you, would you like to make your own Flower Crown Red?

    I was in my happy place making these flower petals, 5 flowers they were made into for my next live online workshop in teaching how to make your own flower crown red. I am quite excited in showing this technique as it is quick and easy and a new flower garland will be made in a few hours, so if someone is going to a festival, they can make it either on the day itself or if they were super organised the day or few days before.

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  • Timing is out!

    This is my sewing machine that has just come back from Deptford Sewing Machines, the case I had to purchase on top of buying the sewing machine over twenty years ago at Chapman Sewing Machine company (my mum bought me the sewing machine), travelling from Southeast to North London is not a funny matter especially in these unusual times of Covid. A few weeks ago I made the trip to Deptford Sewing Company and walked up the high street just with the sewing machine in the case, golly it was hard going and as I have become unfit in Lockdown I had to stop every few yards to rest my…

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  • “Upcycle your denim jeans into a Boro sewing roll”

    Power Point Yesterday I taught how to take a pair of your jeans, cut one side of the leg and transform into a Boro (Japanese inspired mending) sewing roll. I took mutiple photos of each stage of the creation and created a PowerPoint, in total I had 40 slides. I needed all those slides so the participants could understand what they were doing. As I am teaching a craft base subject, the more slides to show the greater the comprehension and confidence of the participants to complete the project.

  • Do I need to make a new video?

    The answer to the question was yes! Above is a screen shot of a post that I asked in the creative hive, one of the groups that I am in on Facebook, I made a video of the sewing Boro roll that was not made up and I asked for feedback and the feedback given was show how to use the Boro sewing roll to create excitement and also mention that it is a live workshop. I created a new video yesterday and realised that although I knew what I wanted to say, I needed to write it down and make a script so I was clear and precise in…

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  • Bubble

    This was Saturday night’s bubble, watching Downton Abbey, we are in series two and watched episode 6, I seem to be getting confused where we are as it has taken us a long time to watch series 1 and 2, we started watching in January and have recently started meeting fortnightly instead of weekly. I am so thankful for my bubble in meeting up, they have been a life saver for me and has been a highlight to the end of my week going into somebody’s else’s home or they coming to me. This is my living room and over the season of Lockdown the room has turned into my…

  • Blackheath Ladies Fascinator

    Saturday 24th May saw me leading the above workshop, when I was composing my lesson plan, I had on there teacher demonstrates and students watch demonstration, and then work on making the fascinator, then I realised the participants will be making the fascinator along with me. Now that I am teaching online a whole new concept of guiding participants through the stages of making a project is quite different from in person teaching. As I was demonstrating, these lovely ladies followed the stages of making their own Blackheath Ladies Fascinator. I was asked by Rebecca Cole-Coker who is the current chair of Blackheath Embroiderer’s, we used to be Blackheath Embroiderer’s…

  • Blackheath Ladies Instagram Post

    I was booked to deliver a workshop for the Blackheath Embroiderer’s to celebrate the transition of becoming an independent group. The Embroiderers Guild let go all the branches and streamlined into a central unit, unfortunately the bank account that was linked into the Guild from the branch was absorbed and the group was left penniless, I know the old branch which was Blackheath Embroiderers Guild should receive a grant from the Guild, our treasurer worked really hard to manage the finances in the pot and a bit was saved up for future workshops, and so we have become an independent group and embraced online group sessions. A lot of e-learning…

  • Woven wheels, ribbed spider webs and sheaf stitches.

    I love this piece of embroidery I am working on, it’s not named as it is a sample, I was feeling to work with purples and so glad I worked with the navy blue for the ribbed spiders web in the middle of the piece. I quite like the purple, blue and pink as a colour combination, I have more stitches to work into this sample as this piece is for module 5 for my embroidery diploma course with Centre of Excellence.